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would this be a good novel idea?

I've been thinking about writing a novel about a girl's relationship with her drug addict mother and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a novel about that kid of topic?

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  • Fitz
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    8 years ago
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    I wouldn't, but I'm 100% sure that many people would. There are more than a few books in a similar genre (though not the same exact plot so don't worry) and they are very popular. The most popular I can think of "Go Ask Alice".

  • 8 years ago

    I'm not sure because it would be incredibly hard to write something like that unless you have actually gone through it yourself.

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    I'm not sure! I think I would need to know a little bit more about the story first.

    Can you please answer mine:;_ylt=AmtW0...

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