Why does he think like this about me?

My boyfriend accuses me of having sex with other men and being on dating sites all the time. I have burses on my legs from him having sex.with me and hes like where did those come from... I was at court signing my final step to my divorce and he says I was meeting with other guys and I brought back proof I was there. Oursex life has changed so much cause he just doesnt want to or hes not in the mood. I beg him for sex all the time amd hes attention... Wouldnt I not beg him for that if I was getting else where??? Oh and take this im alwaya home with him we do everything together.

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    8 years ago
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    Although couples fight about a lot of things like money, sex, kids, politics and religion, there is really only two kinds of arguments: rational and irrational. Having disagreements is a healthy part of any relationship, but fighting frequently or arguing about irrational stuff is not healthy.

    If you do everything together and he is still accusing you of cheating that is an example of an irrational argument. It is pointless to argue with someone if they can't think rationally.

    Here is the thing. I don't know your boyfriend, but what I do know is that living with someone with emotional problems or mental illness can be confusing as hell. You are acting rationally and they aren't. You think the problem is something you are doing or something that is wrong with your relationship, but the problem is really them. The thought that they may have emotional or mental problems never occurs to you because they hold down a job and function. Or because they accuse you of everything that goes wrong in the relationship.

    If he constantly tells you he doesn't trust you. If he puts you down, calls you names, and insults you. If he has extreme mood swings or erupts into violent bouts of anger. If he is abusive physically or verbally. All of these things are signs that he has emotional problems or may be suffering from some kind of mental illness. And, friend, it ain't going to get any better - - it is only going to get worse unless he gets treatment. And by staying with him you could actually be in danger of being harmed or worse.

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