Mehron Celebre HD pro cream foundation & MAC?

So I just posted my question but it was deleted. I don't know why but I would still like to get and answer. I am NC25-NC30 in MAC and would like to know what the equivalent color is in the Mehron Celebre HD pro cream foundation? I tried to do a research and look at swatches but the colors look different in every picture. I was thinking ME2 or ME3. Not sure which one because the shades seem to be completely different (other than ME3 is obviously a bit darker). Also the LT4 looks in some pictures darker than the ME line. I also liked the Eurasia Fair in the picture on the website where it looked pretty brown but in other picture it looked totally yellow. Could someone give me any idea what the colors actually look like and what would be the best one for me? Thank you!

3 Answers

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