How to remove a hickey?

So, yesterday my boyfriend came over, and you know what happened.

He gave me a hickey on my neck. It's going away, but slowly.

I'm trying to get it to go away faster because I love my boyfriend, but hickey's are embarrassing.

I've read the posts where people have said "wash the area with warm water, put ice on it for 5-10 minutes, and then conceler, but the problem is, I'm a boy, so I don't have conceler so I didn't even attempt that method. All I did was the apply ice step.

I was also wondering, should I try my hydrocortizone cream? I use that to heal bumps, etc, and it always works, so should I try it?

Thanks for advice in advance.

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  • 8 years ago
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    okay so what i do is:

    put a metal spoon in the freeze, take out once its cold, then put over the hickey and move in a circular motion on the hickey

    then once the spoon is warm put back in the freezer

    then get a tooth brush, rub HARD over the hickey and the area around it, this will make your skin go red but it disperses the blood.

    Keep doing this till you see some improvement, it wont make it go away but will help make it less visible :) try it the next day to if its still there :) also don't rub too hard with the toothbrush for too long otherwise you will get sore skin and maybe make it worse :)

    Hickeys are bruises and this type of bruise is formed from breaking tiny blood vessels near the skins surface. which is what has caused the hickey.

    hope this helps,

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