i think my dad is having an affair again?

so my dad had an affair when when i was four and my brother was six and he left my mum for the woman, they got engaged had a kid then broke up etc etc, now he has a girlfriend and theyve been going out for about just over 2 years i think. my dad recently gave me his iphone, he deleted everything off it - manually and not a reset or anything. on the search thing the other day i typed in one letter and loads of messages came up from this woman and i cant click on the texts but i can read the first line and from im reading it sounds like he's having an affair. i spoke to my mum about it and said he's done it once so im not supprised if he does it again. also she i told her the name and she reckognised it, apparently he's known this woman for years. i feel as if im over thinking it but from what the texts are saying! why would you say you love another woman other than your girlfriend?.. im so confused and dont know whether i should ask him(we hardly ever talk and dont have a good relationship so its hard to bring it up out of the blue).

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  • Tiff
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    8 years ago
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    That is a tricky question. My dad and I don't have the best relationship either. It may be best for you to just stay out of it. If you don't you may being setting yourself up for a trap. But if you want to ask just ask him who is (name)? If he opens up and isn't angry about it then have a heart to heart talk with him about it. I haven't had to confront my dad about anything before but that is how I would bring it up. Chances are if you found texts he probably sneaks around to meet this woman.

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