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I have a silk and satin boxer love?

Ever since I was 14 years old I have just been in love with silk and satin boxers, I need some advice on how to stop or not love it so much, is it a weird fetish or is it common.

And could this effect my relationships in the future. I buy a new pair at least once or every other week, sometimes What could i do to stop or cut down i really dont wanna stop just prettty much am looking for some supportive advice or maybe suggestions on how i can continue to do this without it costing so much because i catch myself spending anywhere from $10 to $80 for a pair please answer to the best of your knowledge or ability thanks :)

I also forgot to mention if i would have kept every single pair including ones with a lot of wear and tear that i have thrown out i would have about 190 pairs

well i wanna adv everyone its the feelin i get from wearing them how great they are it makes me aroused i wanna let everyone know im 18 years old now

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    Set yourself a limit of 21 in the house at any one time.

    That's 3 weeks.

    Anything that's old or ripped, set them in the BBQ and set them on fire.

    You get a new pair? Burn the old ones


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    I suppose that household will have to be put first before anything else. On account that when everything else fails, that you can continually run to your household. Not satin boxer shorts all the time. However most likely, guys put on boxer shorts since they may be confortable to wear.

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