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HOW To make up a mono -eye lid eyes? PLS!?

hey there to all the pretty girl out side there .i have a pair of mono -eye lid ,its kinda hard for me to make up my eyes .could anyone of you teach me how to make up my eyes .well,i want my eyes to look slightly bigger .i wish the make -up could look natural and not too matured because i am still a teenager. i will appreciate any good answer .Thank You! xie xie

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    So you want your eyes to look bigger?

    That is actually really easy.

    First you need to apply white on your eyelid. Then apply a skin tone color above the crease to your brow.

    Take a thin liner brush, and using brown or gray eyeshadow (really any dark color) brush the end of the crease of your eye and the end of your eyelid. Then with your finger blend it.

    Take a lighter color brown or gray and apply a line of it above the crease, blending. Then you can add color such as blue or purple in a thick line from the beginning of your eye to the end. Blend this.

    Then all there is to do is a thin line of eyeliner right on your eye, and drag it out a tiny bit.

    This works, trust me. Feel free to use lighter, brighter or darker eyes too.

    This isn't drastic at all in all honesty.

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