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my puppies are early doing everything..should i feed them wet food yet?

ok so my dog had her puppies a week early at 53 days instead of the typical 60-65 days (someone didnt chain their dog up and it SCALED my fence) they started opening their eyes at 10 days (normal is 12-14 days).. walking 2 days after that..playing and wrestling at 14 days. According to the research i have done they seem to be way ahead of schedule and now it seems the mom is weaning them off her milk she wont stay in the birthing box for long and goes at least 4 hours before feeding them for 10 minutes..i think she isnt producing quite enough milk for them beacuse they are all hopping from nipple to nipple after a short time and getting frustrated.. they are coming to me and sucking on my fingers! should i rub some canned puppy food on my finger (not chunks) and feed them? if so how much? and yes i believe in spaying i also do all i can to help animals including taking in strays getting them their shots and fixed then training them and finally finding them their perfect home. so please dont comment with " why didnt you research BEFORE breeding or why didnt you spay? this doesnt help me NOW. lol :) I have had one litter of 9 before (mom was rescued abused, starved and pregnant because they didnt "want" her to have puppies) and all were healthy and happy..but they stayed on schedule! im a little lost on this case... anyone run into this same situation? help me out please :) thank you for your time people. MUCH appreciated!

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    It's not clear from your post how old the pups are now...if they are 14 days, they are far too young for solid food. Get some Esbilac or other proper puppy milk replacer from the store or vet. They'll need milk for several more weeks--less as they eat more food, weaning about 7 to 8 weeks of age.

    You can start offering them mashed puppy food (add hot water, wait until soft, mash into a mush) at 3 weeks, but don't be surprised if some don't start eating for several days after that. Not all pups mature at the same rate. Let them eat however much they want to (or don't want to).

    "my dog had her puppies a week early at 53 days"

    Are you sure you counted correctly? Puppies seldom survive if born earlier than 56 days....

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    A few years ago we had a Border Collie who started weaning her pups at 3 weeks. We put canned food in a tray and mushed it all up with a little warm water to make it really mushy. Then in the morning and at night we took mom out and put it down for the puppies so they could go nuts on it. Mom had a good time cleaning them too. Also add warm water to kibbles and when good and mushy let them at it. If the pup was loooking for food then it is time. not all litters are the same and not all mommas are the same. From here on in she will feed them less and less and remember that when they eat food mommma sometimes will no longer clean up after them as in bowel movements.

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