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Everything just appeared intelligently from nothing over many years & created dinosaurs, ridiculous?

Atheism is the worst religion out there, don't you agree?

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    No more ridiculous than the premise that a supreme being made it all in his spare time and then left it to run itself.

    Atheism is not a religion Atheism is the rejection of belief in the existence of a being, natural, supernatural or preternatural, with superhuman powers or qualities, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred.

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    8 years ago

    They now know that voluminous clouds rolled in from a faraway supernova raining down biological materials. Rain, nutrients, and primordial ooze created the first life.

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    80 foot (25 meter) dinosaurs (man-eaters) are still alive today. They live under our level by the way. They will use sinkholes and lakes to come out to our level to play a game. Demons ride in UFOs. Don't go into a UFO ship to be healed by demons! Aborted babies go to hell for 33.5 years to grow up there in the dark. Abortion needs to be stopped! New documents lead to hell. Reject the chip, the evil plastic small world grey passport, and the 666 tattoo by lasers from hell! Antichrist is an evil flying pale gay man with red eyes from the tribe of Dan. God is one. Jesus is 100% God and 100% man! Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father only. Christ preached in hell; those who believed, got out of hell. Orthodoxy is the only Biblical faith.

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  • Robin
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    8 years ago

    "everything just appeared intelligently from nothing"..... and who said that besides you?

    atheism isn't a religion.

    Please learn to troll correctly.

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