Did i say anthing wrong?

There is this girl that i like named Vilmarie, we like each other, are friends but taking it slow, we have a small circle of friends. Casey is in that group and someone Vilmarie wanted to catch up with and tell the news about me and Vilmarie to her. Vilmarie texted me today asking telling me that she was able to talk to Casey, i then texted her back and said "how did it go, what was talked about" i already know what was talked about, i just didnt know what to say at the moment when i had to respond back. Just wanted to know if i said the wrong thing, does it show that Im not paying attention to her or being a dense, thanks for your input.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The reason you're not getting answers is because you keep asking this, which is bad enough. But you're doing it in the wrong section. This is texting drama, which belongs in singles and dating.

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