How can we all do our bit to expose the vile cover-up of horrible abuse?

Take the case of poor Hollie Greig for is the ideal time for this campaign to go fully public at last, starting with a challenge the BBC as to why they pulled the documentary programme about Hollie in July 2009 just as it was about to air on BBC Frontline Scotland and BBC Radio Scotland and thereafter on Panorama.

Who gave the order to pull it and what were the reasons?

Given all the FACTS now being revealed about the predator and procurer of innocent children to the elite "Jimmy Savile", which we are all now finally being told about, is it not right to start questioning everyone and anyone, including the BBC why they constantly protect these evil predators?

We all need to stand together on this, for the sake of the Children surely?

If ANYONE is involved in such lured disgusting behaviour like sexually abusing Innocent Children they need to be exposed and arrested, questioned then tried and if found guilty,..then sent to prison for a very long time!

To find out more about Hollie Grieg and her Mother see here:

Speak freely.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Oh, look, you are getting blocked by Yahoo. I guess they think this is too controversial. As far as speaking freely I guess in some cases money and influence can buy anything. Especially silence

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