What was the old school PC game called?

This was an 80s or 90s game. I think it was more of an educational game more then anything, but it was basically a game where i played when i was in elementary school (now in college).

In the game you were some guy that wore a scarf, beanie hat, and basic winter clothes and went around catching elf-like people that ran around. You used nets that you have to buy with coins or some kind of currency. Once you catch the elf, you would have to answer a math question. Thats all i can really remember honestly lol.

Oh, the location of the game was some kind of winter place? It was a snowy scene.

If anyone that could recall this game, please inform me! im dying to know !!!

Thanks in advance!

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  • 8 years ago
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    that was part of the SuperSolvers Series

    since you mention beanie, then it was probably the 1996 re-make called

    Super Solvers Treasure Mathstorm!


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    just in case....

    here is a youtube vid of the original 1989 version called:

    Super Solvers Treasure Mountain


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    the snow shows up as you get higher up the mountain.

    let me know which one it was....or if it was neither.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    that grew to become into the two.... aghhh i cant submit to in techniques outworld? it grew to become into kinda like flashback... comparable pastime distinctive plot... yeah outworld if its a similar one i think of that's, you began it via swinging a cage to break unfastened... and then get disintegrated via the enemy, lol via the way, any 13 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old pricks, supply up being ignorent to think of that your a gaming technology... in simple terms cos the pastime is old does not recommend on the time it wasn't super. bunch of tossers the lot of ya

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