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I need a native Russian speaker that is willing to help me learn Russian. Please contact me if you can help...?

I am American and i am very intrested in the Russian language. I have been trying to learn it by myself because i don't really have the money to pay for classes. I am sixteen and a young boy,but i need a native Russian to talk on the phone with,text,email,or even skype with. Learning the Russian language is rather hard by myself and i have watched video after video and used translater alot too. But im just not catching on that fast. Please contact me if you can speak Russian(i dont mean if you can say a couple of words,i need someone that is a native speaker.)I will help you with english if you help me with Russian i do not mind at all.Please let me know if you intrested

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    I can help you... well, on Sundays or Mondays, via e-mail or Skype. Text is better option, but if you wish, we may speak as well. E-mail if you're interested. I work for free and can discuss any theme. But remember that time RF is different from time in USA. Good luck.

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    I am from Siberia and I am Russian. Feel free to contact me at

    My namу is Dmitry.

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    Try a program like rosetta stone or Dino Lingo

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