Im looking to have a pond dug?

ust As The Title Says.... I Am Wanting To Have A Small Fish Pond Installed.

Location is in Oxford, Indiana... Or, just barely North of there.

A few SMALL tress would need cut down to place the pond where I want it.

The trees are VERY small, maybe 12-15 ft high & maybe 3-5 inches in diameter.

You can keep the wood from the trees if you like, or I can burn them. Does not matter to me either way.

I WOULD like some of the dirt for leveling my yard, the dirt up in this location is very good black dirt.

I am looking to get a pond maybe 20-25' Round x 8-12 feet deep.

Whats a price i should look at spending to have someone do this? Posted before but looking for more specific prices please

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  • 8 years ago
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    Karissa - 3rd time with same question. Do you homework. Make use of free resources. PLAN then get estimates. Any reputable contractor will have to visit and inspect the job site before giving you an estimate. Make sure that who ever you hire is licensed and insured to do that type of work. NO ONE on this forum can give you an estimate! This forum is not a Nanny State. There are times when you have to do your own home work. You have been given information on where to get free advice and necessary tools to do your initial planning. You have to take the initiative and go on with your project.


  • 8 years ago

    This is not exactly the answer you are looking for but it is a cost reducing method.

    Offer the trees as free firewood. Post the ad in your local craigslist, include a pic, and say something like Free firewood You cut the trees. There's lots of folks with chainsaws that are always looking for a place to cut wood and easy to get to.

    Have them leave enough stump behind that a dozer can easily push the stump out.

  • 8 years ago

    No one can give specific prices without seeing the job. 15 foot trees are not VERY small and the stumps and roots will need to be removed. Is the soil full of rocks? Is the area very easy for heavy equipment to access? Do you have lawn that will be ruined by a backhoe going over it and needing repair? Unless you have a natural spring the pond will need a liner and and a very large filter and pump. You'll need rocks placed around the rim of the pond to hold the liner in place.

    I would not be shocked if all this cost 7 - 10,000$ if everything goes according to plan. You really need to have a contractor over to give you the real cost. People here can only guess.

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