Did you know that everyone is a greedy little Capitalist even Communists, Socialists and Fascists?

Communists claim that they are doing what they do to make life better for everyone. If that was the case then they would let people choose what they want to do with their life. No the real reason why Communists do what they do is for power.

Social workers work for the Government where they get nice big fat paychecks with wonderful benefit packages that are guaranteed. So no wonder they want a bigger Government.

Fascists rub and massage the backs of big corporations so that they can get kickbacks and money from lobbying and donations.

Socialists are a mix of the other three up there. So aren't all of these people a bunch of self interested greedy little misers who only want to benefit themselves?

What about those they claim to help? Aren't they getting free rent, free food and other free goodies even phones?

So that sounds kind of greedy and selfish if you ask me. I bet none of those up there would accept a pay cut or a reduction in their welfare check.

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    Yes, human beings have a certain nature, which includes greed, egotism and hubris.

    There are people who favor free enterprise because they sincerely believe that it is better for the human spirit.

    There are also people who use populism to gain power from the masses, for their own personal benefit.

    The amount of administrative costs associated with Obamacare is estimated to be enough to just go out and buy insurance policies for half of the people who are presently uninsured in the country. This is just the administrative costs! So "helping people" may in fact not be the real purpose behind the law.

    Politics is just a very small subset of psychology. And, I believe, government is just a very tiny and powerless part of the human construct when compared to the grand scheme of things. Humanity thinks it is so important, and knows all the answers. It is not, and does not. Peace.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i think of you're somewhat at a loss for words.... fascist and nazism are ideal facet events... communist socialist are left facet events. that is genuine Mussolini Benito on the commencing up grew to become into member of the socialist occasion (the 1st italian occasion) yet after he based the fascist occasion

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Pretty much spot-on, though most social workers don't earn the big bucks. I assume their retirement packages make the job more attractive.


  • BruceN
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    8 years ago

    If you study the dynamics of political parties, you will discover that they are made up of idealists, activists and careerists. Idealists actually buy into the organizations propaganda. They are the ones that everyone in the group pretends to admire, but in fact think of as fools. Activists work because they need an outlet for their talents. They have a professional attitude and could work for any organization and tend to form the middle ranks. The Careerists are the ones intent on self promotion and advancing their career. They may claim to believe the ideology but they do not really care a bit about it. They are sociopaths who are only in it for themselves. They are dangerous because they would slit your throat in a heartbeat if you stood in their way. The Hitlers, the Stalins, the greedy little Capitalists that you describe are careerists.

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  • social workers really don't make that much money... just saying...

    and everyone is probably greedy to some degree... the only question is... do these things make America a better nation...

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