Dating idea. Good or bad idea?

Alright, so there is this woman I knew in middle/high school. Now during those years I was the shyest MF'er you've ever met. Now I have since grown and am rather an outgoing person. So I was at work acting like I was doing **** and then I stumble onto her profile on facebook! I was excited as hell! So I then proceeded to add her as a friend.... a couple days went buy but she never accepted it! So then I decided to "poke" her. But to no avail... still nothing (Her privacy is set to where you can't send her a message unless your friends) Now I know she's been online because we have mutual friends and I can see her liking crap and adding friends but NOT ME!

So my idea is to go through a mutual friend and figure out where she works and have flowers delivered to her directly at work, now i'm considering on the the flowers to leave a note to meet me somewhere and do something but i'm not sure what quite yet... What do you guys think? Where should I have her meet me that's romantic and spontanious? Or should I just ask her out on a later date through the card?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sounds like a good idea go for it!

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