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My boyfriend went to a rehab center, but the thing is i love him very much and i didnt say what i should have before he left. He left on his own cuz he knew he was gonna get worse and he didnt want to hurt me. But i didnt know this center was so strict, i will wait for the year for him but he dont know that i am going to wait cuz i didnt get to tell him how i felt before he left. I loveh im so much but do you think if i wait that whole year without him knowing im waiting, that he will want to work it out and give it another chance when hes better or think im crazy for waiting for him.?

1 week ago

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they are very strict at Delancey Street, he cant write or call me for at least a year. He can write his mom and call her in 90days and im hoping that he will call so she can pass the message to him how i feel and that im gonna wait for him.

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  • James
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    8 years ago
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    Look F, why would your man want to not be with you if he comes from rehab? First of all is there any good reason he will not want to settle down with you? Were you guys already having relationship problems?

    If you could wait for this guy for a year that means that you are a very good partner that every guy will cherish and want to even marry you. I do not think he deserves you because not many girls out there would want to wait for a guy who got himself into bad habits mess. I do not know you but I really appreciate you. . .I really do because you are a very good lady and God will bless you.

    I think he will eventually know that you are keeping your body for him but this is what you need to do. You must make sure to always visit or ring his mum constantly and tell her to let him know that you have vowed to wait for a whole year for him because you really love him and no one else.

    Do not worry baby, your man will be very happy and he will trust you and want a future with you. Remember it is you that he will be depending on for emotional support when he returns therefore you are going to play a major role in his recovery. Many people from rehab will easily return to their bad habits if there isn't a great support system in place to help them re-settle and that support system begins with you plus other family members. Goodluck and I wish him the best treatment too.

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