Waned to know if i said anything wrong?

There is this girl that i like named Vilmarie, we are friends and are taking it slow, we have a small circle of friends, In that circle is a particular friend named Casey, I told Casey about me and Vilmarie and she was happy for us. I told Vilmarie that i told Casey and told her about her reaction, Vilmarie had told me that she wanted to catch up with Casey and most likely it was because them two want to talk about the news going on with me and Vilmarie. So Vilmarie texted me today and asked me if she ever told me that she was able to talk to Casey last night. I told her no, and if she was able to get in touch with Casey, she said yes briefly, i then said to her in the last text "how did it go and what was talk about" Just wondering if i made a mistake in asking that becasue i do know that the reason why Vilmarie wanted to get in touch with Casey was so that she could share the news about me and her. So does me asking this to her show that I'm being dense or not really listening to her in anyway, or does it show some kind of negative flaw. Thanks, sorry so long

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  • 8 years ago
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    Have you considered that you're overthinking a trivial conversation?

    There is no issue here.

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