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Do feelings for your first love ever go away?

I dated my first for 2 years, we broke up, 0 contact, he contacted me 8months later, and told me no matter how hard he tried he could never forget about me, that I was always on his mind, he was in the military and away at bootcamp, I moved on with someone else and thought I forgot about him but when the contact started again, all of my feelings came back, and now he said he wants to move on and was dating someone else, will his feelings ever disappear?

I mean I don't want him to forget about me/have that love for me disappear if he dates someone else, were apart because of distance, but he did hurt me a lot, and did some f*cked up things to me.

He said he'll never forget about me no matter how hard he tries.

I was just wondering if it will disappear, like I thought my feelings did, and 8months later when we talked/web chat they ALL came back, 99%, but now I'm the one left heartbroken after I thought I was over him, I just don't want to lose him out of my life again it was very hard, but he keeps telling me move on, that he is moving on, that now isn't a good time for us, it wouldn't work, so idk if he's possibly referring to the future of being together maybe.

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    I guessed probably not. The love actually gets buried deep down in your heart. And the next love fills the empty space. I fell deeply for my 1st love 10 years ago, dated for 2 months, broke up and had zero contact. I could still love him for 5 years until I met my 2nd love. Occasionally when I had dreams about my 1st love, I couldn't feel the love for my 2nd love. Those feelings I thought was long gone actually came back suddenly, they were so strong. I would advise you to continue moving on and focus on building your independent life without him, let nature takes its course. For what's meant to be yours, will become yours eventually.

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    Mines did but probrably cuz i hav feeling for sum other gurl

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