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i need some deer hunting tips?

i just need help like how to tell a hundred yards to 200 yards. how to keep my hands steady when I'm looking at the deer in my scope. and should i use these calls on my phone i found in the app store. I've seen like 40 good reviews and like 3 bad ones

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    One of the best ways to determine distance is to go to a football field with a friend and stand at the end zones. Have your friend hold up a paper plate or something similar so you get the idea of a known size (both your friend and the object),then walk farther away. Most people don't have a laser range finder,so doing things like that,playing golf or just using a driving range,similar activities that you CAN judge distances with help. Most people do sight in at 100 yard ranges,so the paper plate size is pretty standard for target acquisition. There are targets that represent deer at 100 yards to give you some idea what size a deer would be at that distance when you sight in,so you can use that reference in your scope field of view (just Google paper deer target). They do make scopes that make judging distance a matter of using stadia or crosshatch marks in the reticle-not a fan personally because it gives your eyes too much to look at.Now,one option you should look at is using a 200 yard ZERO instead of 100 yards,that only changes the point of impact by 2 inches on a standard centerfire cartridges and makes determining farther shots not so challenging. Research Max point blank range (MPBR) for why this might be a good option.

    As for shakes when using the scope,you have options like using shooting sticks or a mono-pod to rest the rifle on,or finding a tree or other feature to brace on. Shooting free hand is pretty tricky so get in some practice,and using your sling as a counter-brace can help with that. Great place to remind everyone that a scope ISN'T used for a substitute for binoculars,so if you don't have a good binocular invest a little money. The way you hold your rifle can influence stability-I see a lot of people with their off-hand farther forward on the stock than the center of gravity so that any movement is exaggerated.

    Deer grunts and calls have never been much on my radar,just because you rarely do hear them,and if you do it is rut related for the most part. Don't see any major harm if you use them sparingly and when appropriate,but don't expect a lot of response.

    EDIT: It is true that most states don't allow electronic call for game animals,sort of forgot that because I sort of went into coyote shooting mode for some reason. So, you need to contact your state's DNR for specific rules.

    Source(s): We got one for like $15,don't need to go overboard,but there are lots of options.
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    Estimating ranges requires a lot of practice. While you are out walking in the woods, pick out an object, guess how far it is away, and step the distance off. First you need to figure out how long your stride is or how to walk so that each stride is 3 feet. Offhand is the most unstable way to shoot a rifle. Either sit or lie prone to shoot if possible. In many states it is illegal to use electronic calls for calling game. Many states only allow electronic calls for varmints and the conservation order for culling geese.

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    one of the most important things to know about hunting is there is no "secret" its all about finding the perfect place and being there at thee perfect time, i cant tell you when or where that is because all deer behave diferently

    once you got that down its al about patience and a good shot so know the range of the deer and the ballistics of your gun

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