What is wave nature and particle nature?

I heared about dual nature of matter from my physics book. But i don't understood about wave nature and particle nature. So please some one explain about these

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  • 8 years ago
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    Machines can be calibrated to either register particle or wave reality.

    Tight focus reveals particle reality. Loose focus reveals wave reality.

    Collapsing the waveform means changing the nature of energy from fuzzy (loose) to crisp (tight). It means taking pure potential and establishing a definite position.

    The slit experiment is an example of loose focus (two doorways for one photon). It creates waveforms for this reason.

  • 8 years ago

    Well you know that a particle is just like a piece of matter right? You're made of particles. Particles exhibit certain properties when you test them (they have mass etc).

    A wave is just a transfer of energy through a medium. So, for example, if you hit something, the vibrations will travel out into the air as a sound wave and which can vibrate your cochlea and you can therefore hear it.

    The dual nature of matter refers specifically to light and the fact that it sometimes acts like a wave, but other times like a particle. There have been a number of tests which suggest that it's a wave (it can be refracted in different materials, such as water) and a number which suggest that it's a particle. That's all it's saying :)

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    4 years ago

    The photons at the instant are not being absorbed and then re-admitted. The dispersion of colorings is all using optics. additionally, each and every of the photons can not have a similar potential b/c they at the instant are not each and every of a similar frequency while you're speaking approximately white easy. E=h*v

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