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Time to change Welfare again. What is wrong with anyone on the public nickel taking a Drug test.?

1. Drug testing mandatory. Each and every month you are seeking benefits,

2. EBT Card Holders. No cash from ATM'S. Not one damn dime.

3. If your receiving Public Money. No Smoking, No Consumption of alcohol.

4. If you are caught selling Hi end meat cuts in super markets where you have

just used your EBT card. You are immediately off of the program.

5. No advanced warnings of Case worker visits. Just show up and conduct

your interview.

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    Mandatory sterilizations

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    This feels like many individuals would have some emotional issues in dealing with such areas of their lives and nothing in any respect to do with welfare or public help. Such checks are wanted in some areas and it does cost which many don't have the money for. If such used to be free many possible areas would aid them instead of degrading them, Crack heads are handled with the aid of our law for it's a criminal matter most effective. No person is a scumbag when they are down in existence in any area and health-care is needed for many together with youngsters who used to be born from mom and dad on medicinal drugs additionally. Which might have a drug lifestyles and would want authentic help like many others. Well being-care reform needs to get done so these issues will even get treated in the areas where such is to be treated at. Your cash is being given to coverage businesses which can be giving these medicinal drugs to the persons in having them come to be addicted and price continues going up no longer down in getting them the support they need. Such folks that takes such and has youngsters ends up in trouble finally and the children does grow to be hurt on the finish.

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    Drug testing far all welfare programs would require a change in frederal law - not an easy thing.

    I never heard of a republician politician suggesting we should, have you?

    EBT cards are becoming the 'government' debit card. In addition to food stamps, cash assistance (TANF) and general assistance, it is also used for child support, unemployment compensation and other benefits other than welfare.

    This is a cost savings method of benefit dispursement, and contirbutes to small government, that pleases one of the political parties, I forget which one.

    The banks love this system, as they get paid for the transactions.

    This source gives you some idea, although it does not seem to specify EBT.

    "The point here is that banks that administer SNAP have a vested interest in keeping SNAP enrollments high and makers of junk foods have a vested interest in making sure that there are no restrictions on use of benefits," she writes.

    ~ ~

    Caseworker visits are gone, except for some TANF cases.

    Caseloads are disappearing, as are face to face interviews.

    Welfare programs are handled by processing centers.

    In many states applications are accepted online, approved with no face to face contact.

    This is all part of the leaner, smaller government, requested by many citizens.

    You can't have it both ways - keep a close eye on welfare recipients, with a smaller work force.

    Something has to give.

    Case managers, are becoming entry level data processing workers.

    Lower pay scale is the obvious advantage.

    ~ ~ ~

    "Welfare drug testing" refers only to TANF parents of TANF children (TANF = cash assistance), it is not an entitlement program.

    It violates federal law to drug test for food stamps, Medicaid, WIC, other welfare programs.

    The case of Florida is often cited by liberals, (with much misinformation) and a fine example of what occurs with current federal laws.

    ~ ~ ~

    Beginning in July 2011, Florida began requiring adults who were otherwise eligible for welfare cash assistance to submit a negative drug test before receiving benefits. Since the program has been in effect for a full quarter, this report looks at the state’s experience during these first three months, and updates projections of the law’s likely fiscal impact during the first full year of operation. The program is currently subject to a lawsuit in federal court filed by the ACLU of Florida challenging the constitutionality of this requirement, which is explicitly allowed by federal law.


    • 48% drop in cash assistance approvals since drug test requirement

    The impact of drug testing for welfare cash assistance is having a dramatic impact on approvals for cash assistance. Approvals for September 2011 (for cash assistance applicants for eligible adults subject to the drug testing requirement) were 62 percent lower than September 2010 and 48 percent lower than in June 2011, the month before the drug testing requirement took effect.

    This reduction is exclusive to cash assistance. Food Stamps and Medicaid approvals are consistent with levels seen throughout 2010 and to date in 2011.


    In the first quarter, 7,028 applicants completed the drug test and tested negative for drug use, completing their eligibility requirements for welfare cash assistance. Of these 7,028 approved applicants, only 2,163 adults (from 1,971 families) requested and received reimbursement for their drug testing fees. That means just 28 percent of approved applicants have requested and received reimbursement in the first quarter. Average reimbursement per adult is $26.78 with a total of $57,920.95 in testing fees reimbursed.


    Who started their application but didn’t take the test: Kreegel said 800 or so people walked away before taking the drug test. The department reported a number nearly three times as high -- 2,306.

    We asked the department if it had any way to know why people didn’t take the test.

    "There is no way to determine why someone did not take the test," said Joe Follick, DCF spokesman. "We did not have the capacity or legal authority to survey each applicant's decision-making process."

    ~ ~

    Source(s): ALSO welfare eligibility worker - over 20 years
  • Fifty years from today, when the robots completely take over all of farming, manufacturing, distribution, and office work, the unemployment rate will be 90%. The other 10% will be keeping the moochers under control, except for the one hundred families who will own everything.

    Then, the Tea Party will demand socialism.

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    Because it would be a waste of money! FIRST it has to be required that if one fails the drug test they would be off welfare, or it wouldn't do any good.

    My state tried to make it impossible to buy water (no nutritional value at all), candy and soda with EBT cards. Republicans refused to let it pass because the companies that bought them with election $$ produce that crap.

  • Sure, I'm for drug testing for big business that relies of gov't subsidies.

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    That could go for the big corporations getting government welfare.... that would be fun to watch as your masters were found to be high on coke.

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    Nothing wrong but impossible with Obama having veto power.

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