I asked this before and no one knew - so I'll try again...........?

How did divorce laws that favor women ever pass male-dominated legislatures?

explain how that happened.


some say it's how the judges interpreted the laws..........but aren't most judges male too?

Update 2:

@aeriol: I thought juries only determine innocent or guilt of a criminal? you're saying they determine civil cases too? haven't heard that.

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    Yes, legislatures and judges were mostly men in those days... but they also had mothers, sisters, daughters...

    And in those days, many women did not work, so without a breadwinner they were completely without income unless they were given alimony.

    Today, alimony is not as common. Women do generally get awarded primary custody unless they demonstrate they don't deserve it, but that's because women are generally primarily responsible for the children in marriage. Not always, so no need to protest that this guy or that guy is the more engaged; but generally speaking, the mother usually serves that role.

  • justa
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    It's a result of the 'little lady' mindset of mid nineteenth century.

    Divorce was still relatively rare before that, and the laws totally favored the males in every aspect including custody.

    But in the nineteenth century women had control over inherited money and property, which meant their fathers didn't want that being lost in a divorce.

    Suddenly the judges and legislators had to face the prospect of the family fortune going to fortune hunters and leaving them stuck with an ex husband with control.

    So you have them creating laws that gave women the right to their own money, and to child support and alimony, because you couldn't expect the daughters of judges and senators to go to work in a factory to support their children.

    Those little ladies needed someone to look out for them.

    The average or poor woman still has problems getting the money due her and her kids, those laws mostly benefited the well off when it came down to everyday practicalities.

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    Women were once seen as the nurturers and also were unlikely to ever be able to earn enough to support their family once the major earner of the family was gone. Divorce was usually due to adultery so the man would be the one to pay. Women now can provide a living wage (eventually) and they are no longer seen exclusively as the nurturers. They have their "rights" now so its generally considered to be 50/50 regardless of fault.

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    The Marvin/Mitchell case was the linchpin if I remember correctly in California. Those multi-million dollar cases were won with juries. This was something that legislatures were not ready for, except to say " the American family is dissolving".

    Lois, It was in the rewarding of settlements that proved that in relationships at least women and men were equal and deserved equal treatment.

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