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How bloody is Assassin's Creed III? Can the blood be disabled?

I'm taking care of my 13 year old niece for a month or so while her mother goes on vacation. She asked me if I'd be willing to rent her a copy of Assassin's Creed III. Her mother allows her to play some M-Rated games but not if they are gory or insanely bloody. The box for the game says there isn't any gore, but "Blood" and "Intense Violence" which could raise some red flags.

The way her mother put her feelings on bloody M-Rated games is that its OK as long as the blood doesn't splash over walls or spray excessively in violent deaths, i.e. she wouldn't be happy if there are animations where the protagonist slits someones throat and blood squirts from the slit and/or pours down their clothing visibly. Either way, if there is an option to turn off blood in the game though that could clear the whole issue up.

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    the blood isn't excessive and yes, it can be disabled in the options menu. the way connor kills people can get brutal, but you're not gonna see limbs and guts flying around.

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    I believe there is a way to turn off the blood in the options

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    You can't turn off the blood... I think a 13 year old is a bit too young to play games like that..

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    It isn't bloody, it's quite non-bloody i mean the occasional squirt when you hit a guard with a sword or kill someone but other then that not really. I mean my son plays it, I've saw it and played it. It's honestly not bloody. And no you cannot turn the blood off.

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