Contesting a traffic citation for unreasonable and imprudent speed in WI?

I was on I-94 in the far left lane going into Milwaukee around 65-70mph in a 50mph area. It was 2am, a clear night with no weather issues. I was speeding but I don't understand why I would get this citation rather than a speeding ticket. There is no radar reading of how fast I was going but as I stated, it was 70 at the very most. The cop that pulled me over was leaving from the last person he had pulled over when he got behind me. I have a Honda prelude with graphics and a body kit so I'm assuming he was expecting to pull over some jerk kid. The ticket is for 4 points and I don't want to loose all of those points and I don't think my speed was unreasonable at all considering that there wasn't many other people on the road and the weather was clear.

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    You admit to speeding, but feel that up to 20 MPH over the limit is not unreasonable? Give me a break. In hours of darkness, it is prudent to lower the speed you are traveling, not bump it up a notch or two. In Arizona, people couldn't understand why I would cite them for Speed not reasonable and prudent, when they were going at the posted speed in one of our dust storms. The 'I was speeding, but not going as fast as the officer said' defense usually does not impress the judge.. The question of the points is not a legal defense, although it can be good for a laugh.

    Source(s): Former deputy sheriff/corporal
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