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He kissed me. but i dont like him like the hes sweet and all but? help me please ill answer urs?

so im 15 and my best guy friend is 15. i went threw a bad break up and he was there for me and i was getting bullied about 3 days ago and after school he asked if he could come over i said yes and he helped me and made me forget about the words they said.. and we sit down on the bed and he said look at me then he kissed me like super deeply... i didnt say anyhing i just kissed him back.. but i dont have feelings for him like that hes been the nicest guy ever to me. i do love him im just not looking for a realtionship how do i tell him and u know that inlove feeling when u kiss someone thats never happended to be before but when he kissed me i fell inlove what can this mean? he is a really sweet guy i just cant go threw another heart break weve been friends since we were just little kids. and we have fell asleep together like i was ontop of him. we were play wrestling hehe and his girlfriend caught us an though we had sex :d i still feel bad for that but ya now hes single :p

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    Just tell him the truth if you want to keep him as a friend. Telling him the truth is better than leading him on then the situation will get worse for you.

  • Anonymous
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    nicely there are some sturdy and undesirable resons to break up with him sturdy- he shouldnt be pressuring you into having intercourse -your grades had dropped undesirable -he's not husband fabric- you do not must be thinking approximately that now. Your nevertheless a little one so in simple terms have relaxing with him -he's not your faith- i understand lots of those with mum and dad of a distinctive faith that made it paintings - he has no ambision- that could replace He sounds like a effective and worrying guy nevertheless. yet whilst your not pleased with him is is nicely worth it?

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    a right mess...

    you should stay away from guys 'cuz you're too young and don't play childish games ;)

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    I guess the best thing to do is tell him that you dont want a relationship right now as you are only after one, your just worried about loosing him, if hes a nice guy and not a dick i doubt he would break up with you, so you shouldnt really have anything to worry about, Hope this helped :)

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    you should follow what you feel. be open to possibilities.

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    Forget about it, you shouldn't be getting involved with boys at your age anyway, so there's not really a decision that needs to be made. Worry about boys when you're a bit older :)

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  • M.B.
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    8 years ago

    Too much drama for need to stay away from guys for a while...

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