Do you believe in the whole chopsticks or wishbone thing?? and what do you think of this guy?

I believe in a lot of things like horoscopes and wishes, stuff like that. Well about four days ago I made a wish on some chopsticks (Asian Family) and they say if they break completely even then your wish will come true.. And the wish was kinda petty and I was serious, but sorta playing at the same time. And the wish was for this guy, who I've had a crush on for the past 2 years, who also has NO idea I exist, for him to like me or whatever. The very next day He pops up behind me and is like " Hey, I see you in the hallways all the time, but I don't know your name..Your also Beautiful BTW" I about DIED! He's been walking me to all my classes and yesterday he kissed me on my cheek. XD The thing is he's like the small skater type (Not BadBoy) and People said he's a Manwhore. I don't see it and no one else does but some guys in my class. I mean only 3 or 4 days now and he is like kissing me on my cheek and stuff?? Whats Do you think???

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  • 8 years ago
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    .Be careful what you wish forThe devil comes in many disguises.I'm not suggesting this guy is evil but everyone except you,has a less than complimentary opinion about this guy .So just be careful as his main interest is inside your pants.Good luck lass

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