Whats the right Price for pond?

Im looking at getting a Pond built in my back yard. i live on 16acres of land. Im wanting the pond to be 20-25ft Round x 8-12ft deep.

Im trying to get ur guys opinion on prices as well, and what needs to be done by the person i select to do the job thanks.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Before you start digging get in touch with your County Agent, You need to have a percolation test done first. Your CA can help you with that. You do not want to go to the expense of digging a pond that will not hold water. If you plan on having fish in your pond specific depths and earth "shelves" are needed. Again your CA can put you in touch with an aqua culture specialist. These services are free because the folks involved work for your state department of agriculture. For aesthetic reasons please consider an irregular shape so your pond looks like it is a natural feature and not just a hole in the ground. You also have to consider aeration and a water supply near the pond. You will have to add water during the heat of the summer and during periods of drought. An aeration system requires electricity. My sister and brother-in-law have a beautiful 1 acre pond on their property. Sis did her home work and had her pond dug to support fish. She worked with our CA and got the professional advice to do it properly. IDK about cost in your area. You can off set some of the digging cost by selling the soil. Most companies that dig ponds will buy the soil or you can sell it to local soil, sand and gravel company. Make those arrangements before you dig.

    If you plan on having plantings around your pond your CA can advise you on that as well. On the house side of the pond Sis has a live oak about 30 feet away from the pond. Along the perimeter she planted groves of bald cypress. At the waters edge she has groupings of giant elephant ears and cat tails. Because they are very invasive they are planted in large (30 gallon +) nursery pots. She monitors them closely to make sure they do not "escape".

    Good luck with your project. Hope this helped. Use the free resources available to you and plan, plan, plan.


  • 8 years ago

    Its almost impossible to give a ball park figure. It depends on many factors. Location, soil condition(will be much more if a few feet down you hit rocky soil), and who you get. In some locations, the city or others will come dig you a pond for free in return to keep the soil removed. I would put up some ads in your local classifieds and on craigslist. Say they can keep the old soil if you don't want it. Or if you're in more of a hurry, find someone who has the equipment and would do it on the side for cheap like someone with a tractor with a front end loader.

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