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Possibility of colon cancer at the age of 19 !?

I recently went to the doctor and was told I had hemorroids. My doctor gave me suppositories to take for just over a week. While I was taking them, all my symptoms had disappeared although after about a week of stopping them, i noticed a tiny bit of blood again. This then disappeared for another week although today the blood has come back. I have arranged a doctors appointment for tomorrow.. is there any chance this could be more serious than hemorroids? ? Im 19 and have a good diet, drink plenty of fluids and have no history of cancer in my family!

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    No, you don't have colon cancer at 19. Trust your doctor when he tells you it's just hemorrhoids. They will come and go your whole life. Stress can make them flare up. Also, eat more fiber, drink more water, and exercise. Some people are just prone to them.

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    Hemorrhoids never disappear. I Know...I've had them for 35 years. If you want to stop the bleeding, you should soak in a hot sitz bath, or bathtub. He's going to tell you the same thing, rest assured. You can have them tied off...it's done in the office. But even that is not 100 percent effective. No, there is not a chance for anything more serious than that. I am sure your mind will be put to rest tomorrow.

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