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Very important question about Christmas?

Right now, I'm so overtly excited for Christmas! I look at Christmas blogs so much and the anticipation is just such a magical feeling! Last weekend my boyfriend and I got some christmas shopping done and got candy cane lattes, then cuddled when we get home, it was also snowing, it was so wonderful and romantic! This weekend we are going to the mall together, shopping, looking at decorations, and getting warm sugar almonds that they only sell at Christmas! I keep thinking about all of the plans we have and it just makes me feel loved and warm. I even painted Santa hats on my nails, they're adorable! I'm gonna paint something different every Sunday! I count down the days (39 days by the way) and when it is the 23rd I will change my cover photo on Facebook to a holiday one. Who else feels this way? What are you doing for the season? Any festive date ideas? Traditions?

Thanks so much and have a very merry Christmas! <3

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    I use to feel this way to when I was young.Wait till you are old and people don't care about you.

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