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How do I figure out my grade so far?

6 test=70% of my grade. I made 100% on all of them

3 reports worth 20% of my grade. 2 of them 100%, the other I didn't do but have 30 extra credit points from the class so itd be a 30%

Then final is 10% of grade(haven't taken yet). What is my grade so far?

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    8 years ago
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    If the 30 extra credits count as 30% on the report you didn't do then your weighted average so far is 94.81%.

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    800 for the 6 tests and 2 reports and 0 for 1 report and extra credit point

    830/9= if you count 6 tests and 2 reports and the extra credit


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    8 years ago

    since you got perfect on all your tests, you got the total 70%..

    reports = (200/300)(20%) = 15.3333%

    70 + 15.3333 = 85.3333%..

    so your grade so far is 85.3333%, so if you get 100% in your final exam,

    your final grade will be 95.3333% :)

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    8 years ago

    Without having taken the final, hard to know but assume you get 100% on the final you should end up with a 95% in the class. The 30% essay brought it down quite a bit.

    Please note that this is an approximation and don't count on this being your final grade, esp. if you don't do as well on the final.

    REVISION: It might be closer to 96%. As I said, you won't know until the final.

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