How many grades are there for violin?

A guy in my music tech says he got violin grade 9 but other people said that there is only 8 sooooooooo I dunno

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    8 years ago
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    There are only 8 grades for all instruments. If he says he's grade 9 then he's lying. In the UK both music examination boards (trinity and ABRSM) grade 8 is the highest.

    There are certificates that can be done after grade 8, but they are no longer called grades.

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    a good sort of sheet music shops only have usual music out on show - they do even nevertheless many times inventory classical music - JG domicile windows, Williams, or Banks of York will possibly have all Grade 8 violin music and could you ask to look at that's going to be happy to oblige. in case you recognize what you are able to desire to play you additionally can order maximum classical music online from sheet music information superhighway websites or many times direct through whichever examination board you're interpreting with. (ABRSM many times post multiple the products). i could easily recommend finding on the music first nevertheless to work out what seems extra playable for you - and %. products you will savor as that's going to be a good sort of paintings to attain a good mark in grade 8. sturdy success!

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    No, I never heard of Grade 9 violin... There are only 8, followed by an Advanced Certificate and 2 or 3 Diplomas. Perhaps that's what he meant? But no, there is no 9th grade...

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  • 8 years ago

    There are no grades in orchestra. You might mean levels. For example, someone who is just starting out on violin would be at a beginner level and someone who has been playing for a long time would be at an advanced level

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