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Marian asked in HealthMental Health · 8 years ago

I have Depression. How do I get out of the "Lack of Initiative" part of it?

I have had Depression for many years, and the worst symptom I get is Lack of Initiative. I have never been able to find a way to get over this and get started on doing things that need to be done. Any research I have done just says that Lack of Initiative is a symptom of Depression, but it doesn't say what to do about it. Any advice??


Petee - I am a volunteer at a Mental Health center. I have been depressed for 50+ yrs., so I know all about the things you have said. I didn't just get diagnosed. I have had many of the symptoms of Depression, but this is the only one I really have trouble overcoming.

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    I can agree with you on that one being hard to get out of, being a sufferer of depression myself, but what helped me was literally MAKING myself do it, after a while it starts getting easier, it takes time and slowly progress is made but you get there. You could always try and make the things you have to do fun, so it's not as much effort, like for an example for some people who hate house cleaning, they put music on to do it, or they like make a game out of it? Could incorporate some of those into the things that you need to do?

    Hope all goes well for you :)

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    Lack Of Initiative

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    Visit for online support.. Also Ur selfesteem is very low right now. U need to find ways to improve it, look online for tips. Also try learning and doing new things; start small and this will give u a sense of achievement. .. Visit to talk to a free online councellor.. Look up exercise and depression online it releases endorfins which improve mood and brain chemistry. and Art Therapy; channelling what ur feeling into something creative helps ur brain process the negativity in ur head. also find some volunteer work; helping others or nature builds selfesteem, gives life new meaning gives perspective and good karma... u dont have to believe in god but finding some spirituality can really help and good karma is a good start... basically research all u can on depression then when u find things that help come on here and share with the other deprrssed people, more good karma. Why not join clubs groups and activities in ur community where you ll meet like minded people. Or challenge urself by joining groups u wouldnt normally be interested in.  good luck

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