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How does my ASVAB score look for Intelligence Analyst?

My overall score was 79, and I'm a little confused about my individual scores. My individual percentile scores for 11th grade students are as follows:

General Science: 92

Arithmetic Reasoning: 81

Word Knowledge: 95

Paragraph Comprehension: 92

Mathematics Knowledge: 61

Electronics Informations: 91

Auto and Shop Information: 47

Mechanical Comprehension: 40

Auto and Mechanics slaughtered my overall score...

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    ASVAB Score Required: 105 in aptitude area ST

    ST- Skilled Technical-GS+VE+MK+MC

    It also requires the ability to receive a TOP SECRET clearance, which if you have done anything sketchy in your life will be difficult to do.

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    As you pointed out, these are percentile scores. As I am in the AF and not the army, I'm not sure how they convert over, I'm pretty sure the army line scores are out of 130.

    You did very good, overall your scored higher than 79% of other test takers, so good on you. Minus the mechanical areas, you could probably qualify for most jobs.

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    yes you will need ts clearance and to get that you will have to have a very good histroy practicly no trouble at all and you scores are gonna have to go up a bit

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