Who was worse, Hitler or Stalin?

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    8 years ago
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    Stalin was worse,he was more systematic than Hitler.He also killed Europeans,in 1939 he invaded Poland and Finland.Just take a look in Holodomor,Great Purge,forced population transfer.

    Lenny is right,it is the fact,people are just taught to believe Hitler was worse so when any one says the truth then he is considered as Nazi.

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    Hitler's excesses were in pursuit of an absurd racial theory.

    Stalin's excesses were in pursuit of modernizing the Soviet Union and keeping himself in power.

    Although Stalin killed far more people,it should be remembered that he controlled a much larger territory,with a far larger population,for much longer than Hitler did.

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    It's a question that depends on a personal opinion, therefore any answer will be biased. It's generally a poor question, both had good intentions and believed they were doing the right thing, however Hitler was possibly losing his mind to the end. If you mean in terms of death and displacement, Stalin wins by around 10 million more deaths and 20 million more displacements.

    Source(s): Discussed topic with History professor and and Society professor.
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    Hitler. He put the Jews and everyone through heck

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  • Lenny
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    8 years ago

    Let's keep score in that grim competition of two socialist tyrants:

    Stalin (Marxian Proletarian Socialist) had occupied as many countries as Hitler (Non-Marxian National Socialist) did during 1930s-1940s. Score Stalin 1 : Hitler 1

    Stalin had killed much more people than Hitler. Score Stalin 2 : Hitler 1

    Stalin's repressions were much more arbitrary and nobody was sure he would be spared. Hitler killed Jews and Gypsies. And everybody else was likely to survive if he/she would obey Hitler's policies and orders. Hitler did not even prosecute former communists (non-Jews), if they had declare allegiance to Fuhrer of the German Nation. Score Stalin 3 : Hitler 1

    Stalin's ambitions were the World Domination and he was building formidable force (including WMD) to scare off countries from Bolivia to South Africa. Hitler's dreams were limited to European domination and he was perfectly willing to let England to run her empire as long as she will not be meddling at the European continent. Score Stalin 4 : Hitler 1

    Hitler exterminated Jews and Gypsies. But Stalin also had conducted genocide of many small nations. Score Stalin 5 : Hitler 2

    It looks like Stalin was worse.

  • 8 years ago

    One killed all Europeans & the other killed only Russians, apart form the War. You choose.

  • 8 years ago

    i don'tt know alot about this but stalin was actually credited with more casualties than hitler's holocaust

    Source(s): world history text book
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