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What should i tell my mom?

Well yesterday I put a question that basically explained that I'm being bullied. I've already spoken to the councelor & all they've done is change my schedule . Well today I walk In to breakfast & I'm scared so I walk all the way upstairs to a rest room. We're i can hide. I don't want to be at school. But if I ask my mom to pick me cause I'm being bullied she will come to the school and make matters worse. I just want to be home were I know I'm safe and loved. Thank god tomorrow is Friday! But anyways please tell me what I should tell my mom so I don't have to come to school and be scared.

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    I'm sorry you're in this situation. I think that today you could just tell your mum you are feeling really ill but then you get home explain it to your mum. at least then she won't make a big show about it.

    I hope you feel better. In the long run you do need to take some action against the bullies. good luck xx

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    Tell your mom that she should complain to the school board or principal that you are having trouble learning anything because you are terrified of a bully. You do not want to go to a school that permits such primitive bullying to happen on a daily basis. It is the schools responsibility to ensure you are in a safe environment to learn. The counselors job is to talk to the bullies to normalize the situation. The bullies are the problem therefore they should be counselled.

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    I think you should explain to your mom what is going on. I know you think she will make matters worse but moms want to know these kind of things! I am sure she can help. Explain all of you fears including the ones you have about her helping. Hopefully you two can work it out together! Good luck! I really hope everything works out well for you.

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    Tell your mom everything about it rather than keep it to yourself. It'll make your situation a lot worst if you don't tell your mom about it.

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    You cannot live your life in fear like this all because of some low life bullies !!! TELL YOUR MUM and get this dealt with.

    Stand up to bullies and never let them win.

    Deal with it !!!!

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