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My boyfriend cheated on me? What do I do?

Me and my boyfriend have been together six months and on and off for three years. We were fighting one night and he have me his password but told me not to get on his Facebook. Well I went against what he said even though I know I shouldn't have. And I went to his deleted messages and he had been dating another girl for the first good while of our relationship, and he would have kept going with it if she didn't end it. But e really is a good guy, I mean he's never done anything like this to any girl he's ever been with. But he told her he loved her, missed her, and regretted being with me. And he swore to her he wasn't lying. I just don't know what to do, I told him about it and he didn't deny any of it he just apologized but he never told me? And he lied to me about knowing her numerous times?

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    Its like someone asking : I just found million dollar and I dont know if I should spend it. Or some other obvious question like that loll. He is even telling you he regrets being with you, dont let your naive heart make you think there is stil hope, the emotions just screw with your thinking. Time to move on and dont settle for douche bags next time.

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    i can see where your coming from, but the other guys are right. not only was he dishonest, but he told the other girl he regretted being with you. that above all things is the most rude and hurtful things ill ever hear. you seem like a nice person, considering you called him a good guy after all of that, he does not deserve you in my opinion. you should find someone else worth your time and affection.

  • M.B.
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    Dump him like a cheap purse..move on girl

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    You have it in his own words, He regrets being with you. It can't be any more clear.

    He isn't a "good guy" as you said. He is a Butt Head and you deserve better. Find a new boy friend.

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