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Is Kony's army still active?

I've recently watched the Kony video, its terrible and it really touched me. Everything seems so real, and the kids talk about it and it's beyond terrible! Then I searched to see f Kony'a army (or him), had been captured, and it lead me to a bunch of Diffrent things. Some say that Kony had been dead for yeahs other says Kony's army hadn't been active for over 6 years.. Please give me some REAL anwsers. This is really beating me up, and it's terrible.

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    Nothing of Kony has been seen or heard for years, leading to speculate the man himself is long dead, most of his "child soldiers" were disarmed and disbanded, however there will always be child soldiers in Africa, its part of their world.

    Last years "outrage" was a scam the instigator needed money to fund his social life and drug addiction, he was finally arrested jerking off in a public car park, most of the money will never be refunded to the stupid kids who responded to his scam.

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