Advice on this capricorn guy.?

So I've known this capricorn guy for a year now & we've been through some UPS & downs when we first met we started out as friends getting to know each other when he started to catch feelings for me although he didn't tell me (he told my best friends which is he's friend as well & he told me) at first I really didn't think of it until we started hanging out more and he kissed me. That's when I started to catch feelings for him & we told each other how we felt but didn't want a committed relationship so we decided to talk to other people. As he did & as I we still hanged out after our discussion & everything was ok until he started to become distant & didn't really say much to but only stare at me as if I had something on my face. We completely stopped talking & he started talking to multiple girls even in front of me he even kissed a girl in front of me but I didn't show any you're emotion or jealousy I just kept walking so this dude wanted to talk to me (which wad one of he's home dude) cause he liked me & told he's friends he was thinking about hooking up with me & Mr. capricorn didn't like that & told him we used to talk & kinda messed up my chances with him. And after that he's been staring at me from a far distant & when I pass by him he say hi & one day he came to me & ask about the relationship his friend wanted to create &I simply told him it didn't work out & he's face lightened up with a relief. He's so confusing he acts add if he doesn't care about me but he don't want me to talk to other dudes & he flashes these girls in my face & when I ignore him he always want my attention & when I do talk to him he just stares in my eyes & give me these big hugs as if he still cares about me so i'm asking why is he acting this way ?

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    A Capricorn man is largely conventional and believes in the merit of continuing with traditions. If you are hoping to let your Capricorn boyfriend know that you have been living with male flat mates to save on rent, be warned. This man cares deeply for what is socially and morally proper and might not be ready to embrace liberal codes of behavior. While going on a date, at least for the first few times, he may tend to stick to the time tested routine of ‘a movie and a dinner’ to the extent that you may start finding all this too predictable. However it is only his way of finding his feet with you, after which he is more likely to ask you for suggestions on where to go and what to do for the evening.

    Capricorns are also rather cautious in their behavior. While dating a Capricorn guy, you are likely to find him taking his time in warming up to you. This natural reserve on the part of a Capricorn may seem disconcerting at first but is only his way of judging a person and situation since it is important for him to know where he stands and how to make his way to the goal. He prefers security and permanence and does not like to experiment just for the sake of novelty.

    Sometimes however a Capricorn might carry his natural seriousness a bit too far so as to appear emotionally distant. While you may be eager to know more about him, he may seem to be unwilling to share his inner thoughts and feelings with you. During his early adult life, a Capricorn is not likely to put much emotional investment in his romantic relationships which may even have been entered into as a way of furthering social or career prospects. It is only with increasing years when he has already made a position for himself in his professional field, that a Capricorn may allow himself the luxury of satisfying his romantic needs. So if you are attracted to the male Capricorn personality, look out for older guys as they will be more willing to give you their time and energy in building a relationship than the younger ones

    Capricorns are nothing if not ambitious. Just like the Mountain Goat that symbolizes this zodiac sign, a Capricorn guy will keeping pushing one foot after another until he has reached the top. So if you happen to display disinterest to a Capricorn lover, you have not reckoned with his persistence. He will continue to court you with slow untiring gestures until you either relent or escape to Nepal. It is this combination of a dogged persistence with professional ambition and a love for material success that makes Capricorns master managers of the world. More likely than not you will find your Capricorn guy a budding success in the corporate sector or at least where organizational skills are highly coveted. This is also probably why you were so impressed with how he single-handedly orchestrated your last date to one of the most satisfying evenings you have had in a long time.

    A tendency to take on responsibility is yet another quality which enables Capricorns to flourish in their professional fields. He will be among the first to volunteer for a project or an assignment and once having taken it on, will work at it untiringly until it is done. The same quality also makes him extremely valuable to have around in terms of personal crises or emergencies since he is not one to shirk a responsibility and is more likely than others to see things through. So if you are looking for a man who will stand by you through the highs and lows of life and give you his shoulder to lean on when the going gets tough, then this is perhaps the guy for you.

    However the desire to take the initiative in personal and professional lives may come dangerously close to the symptoms of a control freak. Your reliable Capricorn boyfriend who helped you with the move to. I truly believe in sun signs not horoscopes and this is your guy to a tee

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