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Home security camera I can monitor remotely?

Do you know of a security camera that can be monitored remotely (ie, with a smart phone) without purchasing a 500+ dollar kit?

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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ47K 12.a million MP digital camera with 24xOptical Zoom – Black is brilliant. i'm an finished newbie who needs to study more advantageous about images. I have owned numerous aspect & shoot cameras, and performance by no capacity been delicate with the usual of the photographs. This replaced right into a large improve for me and that i'm fairly satisfied for this reason some distance. This digital camera is solid, undemanding to apply, and has taken large pictures so some distance. It has a good style of diverse settings, yet has been undemanding sufficient for a newbie like me to apply. The zoom is brilliant as well because the events placing. It has allowed me to take large candids of my little ones even as they were taking section in interior the exterior.

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    Buy a cheap ip camera on dealextreme or ebay or something :) hook it up to your network (wifi or lan cable) and presto! (the cabled versions are cheaper)

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    Yes Lorex makes them and you can view them from your smart phone or ipad remotely via skype.

    You can get them at several places, I found them at Costco and Wallmart.

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