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examples of homegeneus, heterogeneus, physical changes,chemical changes, solution, colloid, and suspension?

at least 3 for physical changes and 3 of chemical changes and please give examples easy to get and that DO NOT have to be made or cook

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    Homogeneous mixtures: They are mixtures in which the constituents don't appear separately

    1. Blood

    2. Sugar solution when sugar is completely dissolved.

    3. Mixture of alcohol & water

    4. A glass of orange juice

    5.salty water (where the salt is completely dissolved)

    6.brewed tea or coffee

    7.soapy water

    8.a dilute solution of hydrochloric acid

    9.hard alcohol

    Heterogenous mixtures: constituents appear seperatly

    1. Oil & water.

    2. Soil sample

    3.sandy water

    4.carbonated beverage or beer (the CO2 gas is mixed with the liquid) juice with pulp in it

    water with ice cubes in it

    6.chicken noodle soup

    7. sand in a desert

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    Blood is actually both a Colloid and a Suspension mixture.

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