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I have to have my gallbladder removed & my biggest fear in life(besides someone being hurt or sick) is surgery?

I am a 30 year old female and I have already cancelled the surgery twice because of my fear of surgery. I would rather have another baby then have surgery. What does it feel like as soon as you get it done? I just don't fear surgery, but I am terrified of it. I have always been that way for some reason. When I had my two boys, I was scared to death of them having to give me a c-section and even cried in the doctor's office begging them not to do it and he said most likely he didn't have to. I am the biggest chicken ever when it comes to surgery. I know I HAVE to get this done because the pain is unbearable at times. I was hurting so bad for 20 hours straight that I was in here bawling crying and screaming. I really thought it was going to kill me, that is how bad it hurt. I need to woman up and get this done, but can someone just tell me how it feels and what I can do to calm myself down if you can think of anything?

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to answer my question! :) Have a good day!

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    having surgery is nowhere near as bad as childbirth! i mean i have had various procedures and would rather have a surgery than get a filling at the dentist! its sore after of course, but unlike having a baby they will give you as many drugs as you need! have you spoken to your doctor about your fears? they could give you a pre med of some valium to chill you out, and im sure you'll have either a nerve block/ epidural whilst under so you wont feel it when you wake. then they'll give you morphine or codeine as it wears off. you are over worrying and imagining it to be way worse than it is! honestly. i think you'll be so sorry when you do have it done that you never got it sorted sooner as you'll be out of pain within days!

    best of luck x

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    If it's your husband's gallbladder that's inflicting the predicament, then removing it'll fully solve the concern. I'm retired x-ray tech and are not able to to inform you how sometimes I've x-rayed a gallbladder! Mostly 1000s. The radiologist can inform if the gallbladder is causing problems from these x-rays. So, in case your surgeon is telling you the surgery will repair matters, you can practically warranty that it'll work. Your husband must be capable to devour something after his surgery (after he's recuperated). However, inform him a steak as soon as in a at the same time is okay but he needs to watch his ldl cholesterol.

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    Please don't fear surgery. I've had 4 surgeries under general anesthesia and am still here to talk about it! I had a partial mastectomy, 2 Groin Operations, and one MAJOR one (36 stitches) on my A**...Not Fun. My aunt just had gall bladder surgery. She's fine. She lost a lot of weight. So am I...I am the biggest chicken ever, and can't even swallow a please know that you are not alone. Stop canceling it and get it over with. Have them give you anti-anxiety meds....when I went for my A S S surgery they had to give this 58 year old man some heavy duty anti-anxiety meds to even get him in the room! There is no reason to suffer in will be happy that you did it. Just Go. You won't feel a thing. You will be under anesthesia.

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    My wife had her gall bladder out at about the same age, its a relatively simple operation you will be home the same day. I can understand your fear of sugery, I'm not fond of doctors offices either! I was very ill quite a few years ago and the testing and other things I had to go through was overwhelming to the point where I would constantly cry. Yes, I'll admit as a grown man I constantly cried, anyway, I got better. As far as the gall bladder its very simple, they barely cut on you with the procedure they use today. Just try to relax with music and focus on the fact that when surgery is over you wont be in pain. My wife and I use humor sometimes to deal with stress, and before the surgery we joked with the doctor and told him we wanted the gall bladder back when he is done! Hahaha, it will be fine...

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