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Tuck Everlasting Book?

Have you read this book? If so what's your favorite quote? Also, when did you read it? My class has just finished reading and I want to know who else has read it. Thanks in advance!(:

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    OMJ, that's one of my favorites! My favorite quote is probably, “You can't have living without dying. So you can't call it living, what we got. We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road.” I've read it twice -- once in maybe 2007 and again in 2009. You're welcome, by the way. :)

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    If you've already read the book, rent the movie and watch it, taking some notes as you go along. Perhaps follow along in the book. The nice thing about a rental is you can stop it whenever you need to to double check something or jot down a note.

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