Book, family secret , HOT! ;)?

Now that I've got your attention by saying hot I want you to help me with my book.

So im writing this book that im about to finish, but i need a idea. In the story this girl called jessica is reach, and there is a Huge family secret that every family member knows except her. A detector helps her find it out.

So what should the BIG family secret be? why wouldn't the tell her?

Help me think about something pleeeaasee! :D

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  • 8 years ago
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    maybe something about a will (or testament) from her dead father (or any other relative) that says all that she/he owns goes to the other family members are hiding this secret lest that she takes everything and they become poor...i dunno, this is the only thing i could think about now :P

  • 4 years ago

    What approximately all their money is from merchandising drugs? they seem to be a drug family individuals... or maybe her dad or mom took somebody's identification and have been given each and all the money that way. Or quite of being accompanied, she became into stolen and her mothers and fathers have been retaining her in seclusion all her life? think of outdoors the container there is limitless possibilites

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