Having baby tomorrow and feel real distant from baby's father?

Throughout my whole pregnancy everything has been wonderful between me and my baby's father. Been together for 3 years, live together, everything's been great. Once I hit 36 weeks pregnant I stopped working. Was working as a bartender, not a good scene ya know. Well, now he has to pay the bills and he just seems aggervated. I'm about to have the baby tomorrow ( getting induced) and he is just distant. Like he doesn't even want to be in the labor room with me now. He told me not have my mom fly in from across the country cuz it was "our" thing. So now I'm like alone. He's been so mean to me the past 4 weeks. We havn't had sex in like 6 weeks. I just feel so unattractive now. I know he might be a little nervous about having a newborn, that doesn't mean he has to treat me like ****. Like I have no pregnancy perks. We have a heavy *** gate that I still to this day have to open and close, wont help bring groceries two stories up the stairs. Bitches if I don't mop and scrub the tub out. Like I dono, I'm ranting....I just feel so unappreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    I felt really sad reading this. My husband wasn't the best husband in the world in the beginning of our marriage. Things worked out for us in the end when i thought everything was over. He realised i was going to leave him if he did not get his act together and he changed.

    you have to talk to your boyfriend. tell him how you feel. tell him you upset you are and how much you love him and want your relationship to work for you and for your baby.

    he may be really stressed working on his own and supporting a family and that is not a good reason to treat you the way he is but try to talk to him and get him to open up.

    im sorry you have to go through this at such a sensitive time in your life. all the best xxx

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    damn that is def not a good thing have u expressed to him how u feel thats not a good way to bring a child in to the world either tho i really think u should call ur mom n have her come down cause im not sure how much support he will be too u n if he has a problem with it o well u need to make ur self happy n make sure sumone is there for u he might jus be gettin cold feet about havin a baby idk but u shouldnt have to feel like this

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    ok, looks like there's trouble on the horizon.. i'd get straight up with him.. set the goal.. if he wants to be around the child he better stop his b.s. and grow up!

    if not.. then maybe it's time to move on, i'm sure there's quite a few menfolk out there who'd love to be a 'move in daddy'.

    Source(s): he needs to cut that crap or else! and if he lays a hand on your and or the kid tell him it's over and call the police.
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