why cant i bring up my e mail under when i was prompted it had changed back to this?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most email issues are with the Browser(s) so try using another browser if you can or if using windows try the following steps below. I have some information for your Computer, Browser(s), Disk Cleanup, Hard Drive errors and some online safety tips about Bullying and protection from Spammer(s).


    Type Shift-CTRL and DEL at the same time or ALT-T and then click on “Delete Browsing History” box will open. Check all boxes but leave the top box unchecked or any you’re not sure of and on the bottom hit the Delete key. That should remove most Browsers Issues. HOW TO REMOVE OLD FILES, HISTORY AND JUNK FROM INTERNET SURFING:

    Next on START, All Programs, click on first directory ACCESSORIES, look for SYSTEMS TOOLS and click on Disk CLEANUP, check all boxes and this will remove a lot of junk errors and files on the COMPUTER, but not all as you need to repeat a few times to get all of them. Now this only cleans where you have been surfing the internet. You should perform this a few times until you are only seeing all “0”.


    Now return to step SYSTEM TOOLS but after "system tools" click on DESK De fragmented, Set up a schedules if you like. Here is a bit of understanding of what is going on, I have more detail below for you to understand why.

    Here is what is happening with your HARD DRIVE.

    Now you may need to run defragmenter a few times as it runs over areas, about (SIX- 6 times or more to clean most all errors) The computer needs a to clean-up or workout once a week. By running it a few times a Month, it has time to find and clean up errors, history, cookies and bad files. Once complete reset by rebooting the hard drive. The computer needs free memory to work faster.

    Here are some things to protect your Computer and yourself and NEVER POST OR GIVE OUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS on a public form like ANSWERS. It can be picked up by advertisers, or by Spammers. FREE Email has Ads, so the only way out I know of is to pay for a service. Other FREE Email accounts can be found here at Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and, or ( has over 300 trailer names like, or and more all free). Buying an email address, well that is up to you, to think over for yourself.

    Yahoo is FREE and has a lot to offer you if you just look it over. Check out, clubs, homeowners, and thousands of others all free. I have never found anything in cyberspace that is or has anything close to YAHOO, myself.

    Check out the section here at Yahoo Answers entitled "Yahoo email, spam and bulk mail" you will find questions from victims who have had their email address hi-jacked or spoofed by scammers sending out porn and Viagra spam. DO NOT BE A VICTIM.

    HOW TO STOP ONLINE BULLYING for Windows Users:

    To copy, click the code box and press "Ctrl + C" To paste the code, select the location on your site where you want to put the quiz, then press "Ctrl + V"

    Yahoo email is where you can forward such scam emails. Simply delete the scam mail. Always DELETE mail you have no idea who sent it: EDIT: One way you can report that email is by using this form:

    If you have any difficulties with that form, try this one:

  • 4 years ago

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