Guys/Men like to fight while the Women/girls boast and brag about finding love?

I thought being married or engaged was to prove to yourself that your ready to go deeper in love, not to try and prove to others or persuade to people to take you seriously...what happened to a couple loving one another instead of boasting about it.. Its NOT a race to find love just to taunt to others and say "YOUR TAKEN BACK OFF"

I havent seen 60 yr olds pulls this move but ive sure seen 30 yr old guys act like 13 yr olds..There was a saying jack nicholson said one time in a movie....."Being tough or carring guns dont add inches to your d1ck". Like to me i see guys looking like they are coming straight out of Jersey Shore, and thats sad...and they are fighting over the most stupidest cmon!!!! (sometimes i feel like putting some to sleep cause they love to talk, give them a taste to K.O medicine with brace knuckles)

The girls (or should i say some) seem to love being cocky about finding their SUPPOSIDE true "Playaz betta step off, ive already got myself MA man whom is the love of MA life" or "im taking so yall need to back off, im inlove with my man, so dont be tryin to hit on meh it wont work" Like really? who the hell cares if your taken? What you want me to do, throw you some birthday candles and say congrats?! You being married or in a relationship doesnt have any good effect on me....quit your bragging cause your obviously not ready for true love if all you can do is boast about it...if any wishes ide give you, 1st is to just shut up! 2nd is for you to have common sense and realize that the guy is probably just wanting you for sex and the more you keep boasting the more your gonna get hurt anyway when the guy you thought loved you leaves you....keep your privacy to yourself unless you can say anything that can change the world for the better

whats the point of finding true love when all alot can do is fight, boast and brag?

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