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Hello! First sorry because my bed English.

So my problem is that i installed win 8 on my lenovo z575, after that i installed linux mint 14, in dual boot. I have some issues with the linux, so i thought i will change it to another. I boot up win 8 and deleted the linux partitions. I screw up everything with that. When i rebooted, grub doesn't fined the partitions and now can't boot up my windows. I wanted to repair my windows boot loader with the windows dvd, but i can't access the bios to change the boot options. When I start the pc there is the logo but no options to start the bios or the boot options. What should i do now?

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  • Rod
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    8 years ago
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    Pump the delete key while the system is booting, and it should boot into the bios. In the bios, change the boot order so that cd/dvd rom is first. Save the change and reboot with the windows boot cd in the drive. Repair the windows bootloader and you should be good to go.

  • Chet
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    8 years ago

    Dlee gave good advice. If you can not fix it with the Windows CD/DVD you can use a cd called UBCD (ultimate boot cd).

    The reason you can not boot into Windows is because GRUB has an enrty in your master boot record for Linux, since you removed it GRUB hangs. You will need to rewrite the MBR.

    This disk has a tool to rewrite the MBR.


    Both Dlees answer and mine will accomplish the same thing. Jut in different ways. If one does not work the other will.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Put Linux back on the computer and get the dual booting back up and running. You removed Linux in the wrong way.

    To Get Rid of Linux in Dual Boot

    1. Boot the Windows CD and use the R option to fix the boot sector of the hard drive.

    2. When you reboot, the computer should boot directly into Windows'

    3. If it does go to Windows, then get rid of The Linux partitions and either expand the Windows partition or make that empty space a new NTSF partition.

    I have heard you can boot the Linux LiveCD and edit the boot.ini file on the hard drive to fix this, but I have tried doing it that way.

    Most computers pressing the esc key brings up boot menu options (but that won't help for this issue) and most computers pressing the F2 function key brings up the BIOS Setting menus (but won't help for this issue either)

    This is only information because I am not familiar with Windows 8.

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