Are Gemini men always horny and can never get committed?

I had is good friend who I used to flirt with on fb and smses , we met thrice,on the third meeting he asked me for a hug I hugged me and then he asked for a kiss, which I didn't refuse,lol

He did try to touch my boobs , which I stopped ASAP

While kissing he said I m hard down

And he left me and went

And apolizised lots , the crap is I fell for him :(

When asked him whether he liked me , he said nothing more than a friend

He is such a creep

I too didn't want any relationship

Just wanted to hear some sweet words from him

But nah

So was it just horniness ? He wanted some fun ?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Nothing to do with star signs, He's just a guy being a guy. And also a bit of a jerk.

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