if god is real then expain spiders.?

spiders are evil in a 8 legged, giant fang, poisin type way.

so what im wondering for all those who think there is a god, what the **** was he/she/it thinking when making spiders, surely there could of been a less terrifying thing that you could put there in the food chain that would do the same job.

it is for this reason that i belive i have proved the existance of god as been a myth (the devil could be real, as spiders seem like something he would love)

P.s a backstory to spider man, is not a good enough reason to make spiders.

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    8 years ago
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    Spiders once walked the earth as a man named Spidas. Spidas decided one day to kill his brother with poison and feast upon him. For that he was punished, and his brother came back to life inside of him, spreading his arm and legs out of the sides of his body. Poison flows through his body for how he killed his brother and the fangs symbolize his brothers pain.

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  • God made spiders because he doesn't want everything to look the same, and spiders are different, and some people happen to like them, including me. The devil hates spiders, mainly because they are gods creation. And every creature has fangs, you have teeth ten times bigger then a spider, dogs have fangs 30 times bigger. And most spiders arn't dangerous to humans, it is the sin brought into the world by the devil that causes some venom to be harmfull to humans. Again, some people like spiders, and not everyone thinks of them in the disturbing way you do.

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    There are about 2,000 kinds of spiders in the United States. Of these, only a few species are considered to have bites that are of medical importance. Spiders are very shy creatures. Most people get bitten because they are cleaning an area that has not been cleaned for a long time and they disturb a spider's web or nest. Spiders are often blamed for many more bites than they actually commit. In general, most spider bites will not harm most people except for slight discomfort for a limited time after being bitten. A few individuals may be hypersensitive to the bites of a particular species, but this allergic reaction won't be known until after the person gets bitten.

    Although only a few spiders are toxic or cause allergic reactions, if one has been bitten, it can be important to save the spider for identification purposes.

    " The likeness of those who take to themselves protectors other than God is that of the spider. It builds a house. But the most fragile of houses is the spider’s house. If they only knew."

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    Just because you have a warped way of thinking about spiders, doesn't mean everyone shares your views.

    God created spiders to control the insect populations, and he made birds to control spider populations and so on.

    I happen to like spiders, as do a great many people that have taken the time to get familiar with nature.

    Spiders are not terrifying at all, you just think they are.

    If you are out to prove God doesn't exist, you will only prove it to yourself.

    What does a fantasy story like spider-man have to do with it.

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  • 8 years ago

    God is a spider.

  • 8 years ago

    wtf ru on?

  • 8 years ago

    one has nothing to do with the other

  • 8 years ago

    Who, what, where, when, why, how?

    No idea what u are on, but maybe you should lay off them for a while.

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    8 years ago

    i prefer spiders to mosquitos actually. Im quite happy when i see a spider web in my backyard. Maybe its why mosquitos never bother me

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe god made spiders in his own image...

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